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Georgia Football Recruiting 2013: Reuben Foster To Announce On Thursday

While the Robert Nkemdiche saga continues to play out, the nation's second overall prospect, linebacker Reuben Foster, is set to hold a press conference at his current high school on Thursday, likely deciding between Georgia, Alabama and... Auburn?

Foster has been verbally committed "100 percent" to Alabama, has been "flirting" with Georgia over the past year, as well as Auburn. Why Auburn, all of a sudden? As the AJC's Michael Carvell, explains, a key location change in Foster's high school might have swung his commitment from one arch rival to another:

It was after Foster transferred from Troup High School because his coach was fired, eventually landing – out of all places — at Auburn High School. The son of Auburn University’s best recruiter, Trooper Taylor, plays football at Auburn High School – basically giving the elder Taylor unlimited access to communicate with Foster under NCAA rules.

Hm. "Unlimited access" would certainly help.

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