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SEC Media Days 2012: Mark Richt Answers Questions About Discipline

Mark Richt would probably rather be talking about anything other than the recent suspensions and departures that his team has had to endure of late. The Bulldogs have had no shortage of players in trouble and either drawing suspensions to start the season or being dismissed from the entire program.

"We're certainly going to have an expectation for how we want our guys to behave," Richt said. "If they don't behave, we're going to discipline them. So if the discipline involves running up and down the stairs at the stadium or some things that might be at the level of losing playing time losing your ability toi stay at Georgia, the thing we're going to do at Georgia is we're going to take care of any issues that do come up in the proper way and so, if a guy does end up having to leave, it's for the best interest of the group. From time to time that has to happen. It's sad that it does but we're going to keep taking care of business in that way."

Isaiah Crowell has made the most news but it is the potential suspensions of Bacarri Rambo, Alec Ogletree and Branden Smith that could be far more damaging. No suspensions for those players has been announced by the school but Richt indicated on Thursday that the decision had been made on their punishment.

The Bulldogs open against Buffalo but will play Missouri in the second game of the season in what could be a key game in the division race.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.