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BREAKING: Teenage Football Players In State Of Georgia Prone To Acting Like Teenage Football Players

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an "alarming" stat - that 14 of the 55 AJC "Super 11" players (the paper's annual list of the best high school talent in the Peach State) have been arrested or dismissed from a college program for disciplinary issues since 2006.

What's to make of all this? Well, other than the fact Mark Richt has clearly lost control the very fiber of this state's moral being (of course), it's that teenage football players are wanton desperado miscreants running amok through society, or they're just teenagers thrust into the spotlight, and a portion of them respond immaturely.

Check out the entire list of Super 11s who've run afoul of their coaches and/or the local constables, and you'll find no particular narrative or cause for alarm. After Greg Reid's dismissal from Florida State this week (Reid was a 2008 member of the Super 11 from Lowndes High), you'll see a pattern of teenagers being teenagers: traffic citations, fighting in bars, drinking, marijuana and general tomfoolery.

We don't want to downplay all of these transgressions. Listen here, kids: Don't fight the police (Darren Myles), steal from your fellow students (Nick Marshall) or carry guns with no serial numbers (Isaiah Crowell). Those are bad things, but they're also rare instances of misbehavior. There's plenty of "epidemics" coursing through the game of college football, but civil disobedience isn't one of them.

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