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Tennessee Vs. Georgia: LB Christian Robinson preparing for explosive Tennessee offense

Like the rest of the team, Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Christian Robinson is preparing for the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday. The Vols present a significant challenge for the Georgia defense, something Robinsin is well aware of. He commented on Tennessee's offense in Tuesday's press conference (transcript via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution):

"[The passing attack is] their strength for sure. They're all clicking very well right now....Some of the errors that he's made recently had to do with him not seeing guys dropping out of coverage. We are going to have to bait him into throwing some passes sometimes. If we can change it up while keeping sound coverage and don't give up any big plays then I think we'll have a good shot at limiting them through the air."

They also intend to attempt to bottle up Tennessee's rushing attack, forcing them to go through the air and allowing the Bulldogs to focus their defense on one thing:

"Our goal is always to come out and stop the run first. Tennessee has a great passing attack but it's very tough to win in this league if you can't establish a balanced offense. Coach [Derek] Dooley has said that he wants to be able to run the ball a little more, so we're going to be watching for that."

Facing the Tennessee offense won't be easy, but the Bulldogs have a plan and seem committed to executing it.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.