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Georgia Vs. South Carolina: Mark Richt discusses Gamecocks

Ahead of Georgia's upcoming game against South Carolina, head coach Mark Richt had some comments on what makes the Gamecocks so tough.

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The Georgia Bulldogs face off against the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday in a game that will weigh heavily on what team will win the SEC East. Georgia head coach Mark Richt spoke with The Telegraph's Seth Emerson about some of the challenges the Gamecocks present.

Regarding Jadeveon Clowney and Devin Taylor, the Gamecocks' fearsome pass rush duo:

"They are outstanding, there’s no doubt about it," Richt said. "They are super tall, athletic, they really have outstanding technique. They’re much more physical against the run than they were a year ago. They really are complete players now – and there’s two of them. So you can’t just slide your protection to one guy without freeing up the other one to have some type of one-on-one. So there’s gonna be times where we probably do some chipping, and double-teaming, and sliding to them. There’s gonna be times where guys just have to man up and block them."

And regarding running back Marcus Lattimore:

"He does seem to play even better as the game wears on," Richt said. "I think most defenses, when they’re fresh, when it’s early in the game, they run faster, they hit harder, they make less mistakes. I think as fatigue begins to set in (during) a particular game, or a back really begins to finish his runs with physicality, at times guys get back it..."

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