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Georgia Vs. Kentucky: Ray Drew staying patient, waiting for opportunity

Star recruit still waiting for his chance to shine with Bulldogs

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Georgia sophomore defensive end Ray Drew was a five-star recruit for the Bulldogs a couple of years ago and was expected to be a key contributor to the defense at this point in his career. However, through the first six games of 2012, Drew has yet to see consistent action, writes the Athens Banner-Herald.

Drew saw action in the team's first five games, accounting for combined tackles, before traveling with the team and sitting out of the team's loss to South Carolina last week. He recorded eight tackles in seven games as a freshman last season. Georgia coach Mark Richt said Drew just needs to keep working like all players do:

"He's a good football player, but he's not to the point where he's earned as much playing time as he probably wants at this point. But that's why you keep practicing and grinding.

"Sometimes as fans, we really know who our incoming class is and we forget about some of those guys for that year or two when they're developing. Then all of the sudden, they show up and seem like they came out of nowhere. In reality, they've been working hard to get to where they can become a starter and a big time contributor."

Drew said he knows it's a week-to-week thing whether he'll see time or not, and it depends on many factors:

"Each week it depends on the team we're playing, the players they have and how much depth we have in our arsenal. There are a bunch of variables that go in to deciding that. It's hard to say how it goes each week, but it's pretty much based on what we have and what we're looking forward to playing."

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