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Georgia vs. Kentucky: Unbalanced SEC East yields no mercy

The balance of power in the SEC East is heavily tilted, but don't expect anyone to feel for the losses.

Scott Cunningham

The top three teams in the Southeastern Conference East division – Florida, South Carolina and Georgia – are a combined 12-2 in league games. The bottom four teams – Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri – are a combined 1-14 in the league.

It doesn't take much more to say that the competitive balance is a bit, well, unbalanced, in this part of the league. But don't wait on the teams at the top of the chain to start giving a damn about that. Kentucky, Georgia's opponent this week, doesn't have a conference victory at all this season, and the Bulldogs, coming off a conference loss of their own against South Carolina two weeks ago, are hoping to keep it that way.

A few computer rankings say the Wildcats have a tough go at it, with possibly the most difficult schedule in the nation. Georgia head coach Mark Richt knows what it's like to struggle, as the Bulldogs started out 0-2 last season before finishing 6-7. So does he feel for the Kentucky and their current situation? Hardly:

"My answer was, ‘I don't expect anybody to feel sorry for me. I expect everybody to hook it up and play the very best they can. I expect everybody to watch film and get the best plan possible and try to exploit whatever you think can be exploited. I'm sure that's how all the coaches around the league feel."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.