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Bulldogs report secondary NCAA violation

The Georgia Bulldogs reported a secondary NCAA violation, their second in just over a month. The violation involved an off-campus meal by the fiancé of a non-coaching staff member that was attended by a recruit.

Scott Cunningham

The Georgia Bulldogs have reported their second NCAA violation in just over a month, reports Dog Bytes Online. The fiancé of a non-coaching football staff member ate an off-campus meal with a recruit in attendance, a violation of NCAA rules. Georgia discovered the violation while reviewing expense reports and reported it to the NCAA.

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity sent a letter to SEC commissioner Mike Slive that outlined the violation, explaining that the cost of the meal ($28.75) will be reimbursed to the department, the staff member will receive a letter of admonishment and a process to avoid similar infractions will be developed. Georgia is asking for relief from penalties that could stem from such a violation. If the SEC finds that Georgia gained an unfair recruiting advantage, they could prohibit phone calls and limit off-campus contact with the recruit.

Georgia reported a previous violation on Sept. 17, disclosing that offensive coordinator Mike Bobo took a recruit and his mother to attend the NCAA Tennis Championships. Bobo was banned from recruiting off-campus for 30 days.

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