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Georgia Vs. Florida: Greg McGarity won't be inviting recruits to Saturday's game

Though SEC rules would allow it, Georgia and Florida have agreed not to invite recruits to Saturday's neutral-site game in Jacksonville.

Scott Cunningham

The Georgia Bulldogs will not be inviting any recruits to this weekend's game against the Florida Gators, reports Michael Carvell at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Georiga is considered the home team at the neutral site game, which is being played in Jacksonville. Under new SEC rules, that would allow them to give complimentary tickets to the game to prospects.

That would be a golden opportunity for the Bulldogs to showcase a big-game atmosphere to high school players unlikely to travel all the way to Athens, but UGA athletics dreictor Greg McGarity has an agreement with Florida that states neither school will host recruits at the game. Because NCAA rules would prohibit contacting the recruit at the stadium, McGarity stressed that they wouldn't be able to do much hosting anyway:

"In essence, the only thing you would be able to do is have a ticket office staff member provide the recruit with a ticket to the game. My decision is based on the same theory, same justifications, and same reasons that we've had all along."

Alabama and Auburn have both taken advantage of neutral sites for recruiting purposes this year, but that doesn't sway McGarity:

"No, the Alabama and Auburn situations didn't make me look at our decision any differently. The bottom line is this: If you can't even communicate or talk (to the recruits), they are basically just getting a ticket to the game and going up in the stands, just like any fans.

Georgia's 2013 class was ranked ninth in the nation by ESPN, and includes 15 four-star recruits.

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