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Georgia vs. South Carolina: Mark Richt says it was a team loss

The Georgia Bulldogs were dominated by the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday. Read Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt's post-game comments.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt told his players that the only good thing to come out of Saturday's blowout loss to South Carolina was that it was a team loss -- the Bulldogs fell together.

To hear Richt tell it, this game was more about the Gamecocks than anything. They held the Dawgs to just seven points and made a top five-ranked team in the nation look like just a bunch of guys.

The Bulldogs were down 21-0 after just the first 10 minutes of the game. From there, it was South Carolina's defense that took control of the game in what appeared to be an even match on paper. But not only did Georgia fall behind big and quickly, they didn't score until the last few minutes of the game, after the Gamecocks were already up, 35-0.

Here's Richt after the game:

"Whether you lose by 28 or you lose in overtime it's one loss. When it comes to rankings and things like that you can take a pretty good whipping, a pretty good beating in the polls. But when it comes to SEC play you've got one loss. Does that mean the season's over for Georgia? No, we still have an opportunity to keep fighting and keep playing better and winning. And if we're able to do that we have a chance to get back to Atlanta. We're definitely not giving up on that thought."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.