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Georgia Southern Vs. Georgia: John Theus 'no longer a freshman'

Though still a freshman, John Theus doesn't consider himself a freshman after 10 games with the Bulldogs.

Ed Zurga

Georgia Bulldogs offensive lineman John Theus might technically be a freshman, but after 10 games this season, the 6'6" tackle doesn't consider himself a freshman.

"I'm not a freshman anymore," he said. "Coach Friend started telling me that a few weeks ago. ... I feel more and more comfortable within the offense and with the calls. I sure feel more comfortable than I did the first day of camp, that's for dang sure."

Theus notes that though he is comfortable with the offensive line calls, he's not comfortable enough to begin corrected other's on the offensive line -- and notes that he's often wrong when he does consider correcting other linemen.

Still, Theus is only a freshman, and the experience that he is gaining this season as a starter on Georgia's offensive line will be valuable as Theus ages.

Georgia's offensive linemen still have a few more tests to pass this year, as the Bulldogs are set to take on Georgia Southern on Saturday, before taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to conclude the regular season on Saturday, Nov. 24. Georgia will play in the SEC title game as well, as the Bulldogs are SEC East champions -- and they'll likely take on the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.