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Georgia preparing for 2 straight weeks of triple-option

The Bulldogs will face one of the most unique offensive systems in the country in each of their next two games.

Geoff Burke

After securing a spot in the SEC Championship Game with a drubbing of Auburn last week, Georgia isn't just leaving conference play over the next two weeks. They're leaving the world of 21st century football entirely, as they have to defend triple-option attacks from Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech.

The high-tempo spread offense is all the rage in college football, but the Bulldogs' two in-state rivals play a completely different style of football.

Eagles coach Jeff Monken is a disciple of Yellow Jackets coach Paul Johnson and his triple option offense, which borrows many of the principles of the wishbone. They hardly ever pass the ball, instead using running plays that can break for touchdowns at any down and distance if the defense blows an assignment.

As a result, it's a huge challenge to Georgia defenders who don't see anything like it in SEC play, as Bulldogs cornerback Damian Swann told reporters this week Dogbytesonline quotes:

"It's totally different," Swann said. "There isn't any nickel package this week. It's man on man. It's come defeating a low block and making tackles in space and that's what we've got to do. Our normal scheme is pretty much out the window this week and next week. We're going to have to go to straight, fundamental football."

The good news for Georgia fans still hoping for a back-door run at a BCS title is that Mark Richt has shown no difficulty dealing with Johnson's offense, losing only once (45-42 in 2008) in his time in Athens to the school's bitter in-state rival.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.