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Alabama vs. Georgia: Saban likens John Jenkins to Mount Cody

Senior defensive lineman John Jenkins will be a crucial part of the Georgia defense on Saturday against Alabama.


Alabama coach Nick Saban, when asked to comment on Georgia senior nose tackle John Jenkins, couldn't help but compare him to Terrence Cody. Also known as Mount Cody, the former Alabama nose guard is now in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens. Saban told the media, "He's reminds me a lot of Cody when we had him here. He's a hard guy to block."

Even before Saban made the comparison, Jenkins has been hearing a lot about Mount Cody. That's because they both started their collegiate careers at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Cody went on to play for the Crimson Tide, while Jenkins was recruited by Georgia. Jenkins was certainly flattered by Saban's comments. He said,

"I lived in his shadows my whole two years there (at Mississippi Gulf Coast CC). For Nick Saban to give me that type of compliment, it's a big deal. It's almost an honor. Nick Saban is very respected in the college football world. He recruited Mount Cody."

Jenkins and the rest of the Bulldog defense certainly have their work cut out for them against Alabama. The Crimson Tide averaged 39 points per game this season.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.