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Alabama vs. Georgia: 'Experts' not sold on Bulldogs

Despite holding holding an 11-1 record, many experts do not know what to make of the Georgia Bulldogs because of a less-than- demanding schedule.

Scott Cunningham

Despite Georgia being 11-1 with a spot in the SEC Championship Game against the Alabama Crimson Tide, questions still linger among experts about how good the Bulldogs actually are.

Not many people are giving Georgia a chance against mighty Alabama because the Bulldogs have not proven themselves against worthy competition. CBS analyst Gary Danielson, who will be calling the SEC Championship Game, is not sure what to expect from this Georgia bunch (via Dog Bytes Online):

"We don't know how real Georgia is. They had a terrible slump in the middle of the season when even their own players called their team out. That seemed to ignite them. They played a very good defensive football team against Florida, but their quarterback had a really tough first half and he almost kind of tossed the game away that they should have won pretty easily. Since then when the rest of the country was playing really tough football games, Georgia has played Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. They haven't been tested."

Georgia has played just two ranked teams all year, going 1-1 in those two games. The Bulldogs were blown out 35-7 by then No. 6 South Carolina on Oct. 6, but did beat then No. 2 Florida 17-9 on Oct. 27.

Despite beating Florida, Georgia was left out of the mock four-team playoff conducted by Sports Illustrated's selection committee of 11 athletic directors. The Gators were selected as the No. 3 seed.

While Georgia is getting little love from the experts, Bulldogs wide receiver Rhett McGowan says he does not mind it that way:

"You see it on TV, you can't really hide from them. Everybody is `Can Alabama get back in the national championship?' for the past few weeks. It's like they don't even give us a chance. I like that. I don't mind being the underdog. I don't mind going under the radar."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.