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Marlon Brown injury reaction: Georgia loses big, physical receiver

Georgia fans react to the loss of wide receiver Marlon Brown.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Georgia already caught a bad break when it lost Michael Bennett, who tore his ACL earlier in the season. Losing Marlon Brown to the same injury really hurts the Bulldogs when it comes to big and physical targets. That's what Bennett was, and Brown had been filling in the role.

Without either player, an element to the Georgia passing game takes a hit. The Dawgs still have depth in their receiving corps, with Tavarres King and Malcolm Mitchell, but without big and physical receivers, this could impact how UGA attacks teams going forward.

Losing Brown couldn't have come at a worst time, since the Dawgs are just a win against Auburn away from competing in the SEC title game, presumably against Alabama.

Here's some reaction from Georgia blog Dawg Sports:

Losing Michael Bennett hurt, but having Brown essentially bailed us out a bit there, as both guys are tall, physical receivers, and given our depth at the position, we were able to simply plug and play a bit without losing too much ground. With this one, though, we really don't have another big bodied receiver to step in and fill the role that Brown and Bennett were performing for the offense. Per Richt, freshman Blake Tibbs is still on track to redshirt, so I don't think we'll see him play...Chris Conley has decent size (he's listed at 6'3" 205 lbs.) and can play big, but I think the media guide is being a little generous on his height, and it's still questionable whether he can play on a consistently elevated level when he's not simply a check down option. When Conley has made receptions over the past two years, they've largely been when other targets on the field were receiving significantly more attention from the defense...that will change now.

Brown was injured on a 30-yard reception in the third quarter of Saturday's game against Ole Miss. Prior to the injury, Brown had three catches for 113 yards and a 66-yard touchdown.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.