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Georgia Vs. Auburn: Bulldogs Mike Bobo only concerned about his offense

Auburn defensive coaches Brian VanGorder and Willie Martinez formerly coached at Georgia.

Scott Cunningham

When the Georgia Bulldogs offense steps on the field against the Auburn Tigers on Saturday, there will be a pair of familiar defensive coaches on the Auburn side. Brian VanGorder and Willie Martinez both are former Georgia defensive coordinator. VanGorder was with the Bulldogs from 2001-04, and Martinez was there from 2005-09. So, there is some familiarity about Georgia on the Auburn staff.

Bulldogs offensive coordinator Mike Bobo knows that Martinez is familiar with some of what Georgia will run on offense, but Bobo is not all that worried:

"There's going to be some stuff that obviously Willie knows going against each other in practice," Bobo said. "There will be some familiarity. It's nothing that we're overly concerned about. We've got to go out and execute and do our job. Everybody's going to have tendency and stuff. It's going to come down to execution."

While Martinez and VanGorder might be familiar with Georgia's offense, it will be very difficult for them to recognize the play that will be run, and then relay it down to the field for the players to adjust. There is just not enough time to do that, and it could cause some confusion for the Auburn defenders.

Also, Bobo is just concerned about having his players run the plays as planned, and there is little reason for him to worry about the former staff members on the other side of the field.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.