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Georgia secondary will have different look next season

Only junior-to-be Damian Swann has the needed experience to replace a foursome of talented, veteran defensive backs who will all graduate after this season.

Scott Cunningham

A seasoned secondary helped the Georgia Bulldogs claim one of the nation's best defensive attacks in 2012, but with a foursome of seniors about to finish out their collegiate careers, Georgia coach Mark Richt is readying for a completely overhauled secondary next season.

Seniors Sanders Commings, Bacarri Rambo, Branden Smith and Shawn Williams all graduate after this season, leaving plenty of open spots for which Georgia's strong, young defensive core will compete. But Richt has plenty of questions about those players who will be replacing his talented group next season, even noting that his incoming recruiting class could throw a wild card into the replacement process.

"I have no earthly idea who is going to play DB for us next year based on the maturity level of the group that we have here right now," Richt told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "I don't think they're mature enough to be the starters and I told them, ‘You're competing with guys that aren't even here yet. We're recruiting our tails off and we're going to bring some guys in here.'"

Junior-to-be Damian Swann has started all 13 of Georgia's games in 2012 and will likely add some stability to the defensive backfield next season.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.