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Hutson Mason waiting for turn, opportunity

As Hutson Mason waits for his turn to be Georgia's quarterback, he sought advice from a man once in the same position.

Scott Cunningham

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray has a big decision to make at season's end in regards to the NFL Draft. Whether the junior comes back for a final season at Georgia or opts for the professional ranks, Murray is confident in the guy behind him on the depth chart.

Hutson Mason is Murray's heir apparent for the Bulldogs. "Hutson's a great quarterback," Murray told Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

More Murray on Mason, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"He's worked his tail off. He's been here three years; he's learned the playbook, his footwork, his progressions. Obviously he hasn't been able to get the snaps this year, but . . . Hutson is ready to go, and he's a very capable quarterback."

Mason, a redshirt sophomore, has not had a single snap in 2012. In his first two seasons of eligibility, he's combined for 356 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Towers compared the Murray-Mason situation to another quarterback logjam at Georgia. The careers of David Greene and D.J. Shockley overlapped for two years in 2003 and 2004, and then Shockley had 2005 all to himself. That year he led Georgia to an SEC championship.

Mason recently made a call to Shockley when he needed a pick-me-up. According to Towers:

"Basically I didn't tell him one way or another, you should stay or you should go. I told him, ‘you've got to make the best decision for you and what you feel most comfortable with.' I told him if you leave, you can never be sure what you're going to get. Anything can happen because you've got a lot of different variables. When you're at the University of Georgia, you already know what you've got.'"

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.