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2013 NFL Draft: Kwame Geathers hasn't made up his mind about draft

He is the brother of Robert Geathers and Clifton Geathers of the NFL, each of whom left school early for the NFL Draft.

Andy Lyons

Georgia nose tackle Kwame Geathers has not yet made a decision regarding his future with the team, but hopes to decide whether or not he should enter the 2013 NFL Draft sooner rather than later. On a day when teammate Alec Ogletree opted to forego his senior year, Geathers told Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he still has to deliberate with others about the decision:

"I'm still undecided," Geathers said. "I've got to go back home and talk to my family, spend some time with my mom, dad, brothers and talk to my coaches, too. I don't know if it'll go to the 15th or not, but I want to hurry us and make my decision. The quicker you make it the better it is."

Geathers, 22, is the brother of Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers and Colts safety Clifton Geathers, each of whom decided to enter the NFL Draft following their senior seasons at Georgia and South Carolina.

Kwame is a huge defensive tackle, even by NFL standards, standing 6'6 and tipping the scales at 355 pounds. However, Geathers has been inconsistent during his collegiate career and only earned a starting spot in Tuesday's Capital One Bowl due to the absence of suspended tackle, John Jenkins.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.