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Jarvis Jones sets UGA record for single-season sacks

Jarvis Jones set the school record on Tuesday, but he did so in a rather unusual fashion.

Scott Cunningham

Georgia Bulldogs' linebacker Jarvis Jones set a school record for sacks in a single season, according to David Mitchell. Jones was credited for two sacks during the Capital One Bowl on Tuesday, which brought his season total to 14.5.

Although the linebacker earned two sacks against Nebraska on Tuesday, he did not actually touch Cornhuskers' quarterback Taylor Martinez during either play. After the game, Jones was uncertain about whether he had gotten any sacks. On the first "sack," Jones was giving chase when Martinez fell down behind the line of scrimmage. The second sack came after Jones' pressure forced an intentional grounding penalty.

But the unorthodox sacks he picked up against Nebraska should not diminish Jones' accomplishment, especially considering the junior missed two games this season. In addition, the Bulldogs faced Georgia Southern, who attempted only four passes against UGA.

With many of his defensive teammates headed to the NFL in 2013, Jones has yet to decide if he will stay for his senior season.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.