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Georgia exploring new contract for Mike Bobo

Georgia University and Mike Bobo will sit down and discuss a new contract sooner rather than later.


The Georgia Bulldogs had their best season in recent memory, coming within a few yards of a National Championship Game appearance and then regrouping to beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers 45-31 in the Capital One Bowl.

While the defense earned much of the adulation, and rightfully so, the offense was also playing like a top unit down the stretch, and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo had plenty to do with it.

Bobo's contract is set to expire this summer, but according to, the situation isn't expected to get to that point. In the article, athletics director Greg McGarity talks about his plans for the upcoming months with Bobo.

"Yeah we’ll talk. We really haven’t had a chance to sit down in earnest with Mark, and go over a bunch of plans. We have not talked really about details," McGarity said. "We’ve talked about a few things in general that will remain between he and I. But we really haven’t sat down since the bowl game was over with and had a definite plan of action."

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It will be interesting to see what quarterback Aaron Murray decided to do as well in the next few weeks. The junior could declare for the NFL Draft, with pundits all over the map on where he would be drafted.

Bobo would be even more important if Murray leaves, something everyone in the program is aware of. Either way, McGarity says a multi-year deal is absolutely going to be talked about.

"Those are things that Mark and I are discussing," McGarity said. "Those are the things we really haven’t sat down, face-to-face, and talked about those things. He and I are in a good place right now."

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