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Georgia Southern students in favor of potential FBS move

Georgia Southern students approved a $75 student fee for a potential move from FCS to FBS.

Mike Zarrilli - Getty Images

Georgia Southern completed the first step in a potential move up to the FBS level when students voted to approve a $75 student fee increase which would help fund the move.

Of the 9,390 students who voted, 61.2 percent voted to approve the fee increase while the other 38.8 percent voted against the move. Georgia Southern will now send the proposed agreement to the Georgia Board of Regents for review. If approved, the fee would go into effect next school year as long as the University gained FBS approval and received an invitation to a FBS conference.

In addition to the $75 fee increase for the move to FBS, students also approved a $25 fee to expand Allen E. Paulson Football Stadium. The expansion is set to add more than 6,000 seats, a move which could go a long way in helping Georgia Southern gain FBS approval.

The Eagles are 3-1 on the season after they defeated Samford 35-16 on Saturday.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.