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Georgia Southern Vs. Georgia: Josh Harvey-Clemons filling in at OLB

The Georgia Bulldogs need Josh Harvey-Clemons, a safety, at outside linebacker when they face the triple-option offenses of Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech but will not move him in the long-term.

Scott Cunningham

The Georgia Bulldogs will play freshman Josh Harvey-Clemons at outside linebacker on Saturday, though he hopes his future with the team is at safety. With Junior Chase Vasser's season ending to a torn labrum in his left shoulder, Harvey-Clemons has shifted up to fill a need against triple-option teams Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech.

Harvey-Clemons was originally recruited at OLB, but moved to safety when he started with the team. At 215 pounds, he's undersized for a linebacker, and says the secondary is where he hopes to play:

"It would be a lot harder for me to try to learn a new position, just start over from scratch again like that. Most of those other guys that are already at outside linebacker know it. So it'd be just like me starting all over again."

When head coach Mark Richt was asked after practice on Wednesday if he could declare a permanent spot for Harvey-Clemons, he said:

"It'd be nice to. It's hard to say exactly where he'll end up right now. I think he could end up at linebacker or safety. I don't know where he's gonna end up."

He did add that the move was 100 percent related to who they were going to have to defend. Georgia Southern quarterback Jerick McKinnon leads the team in rushing and averages more than 15 attempts and 105 yards per game. Tevin Washington is the dual threat for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, with 940 passing yards and 606 rushing yards so far this season.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.