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Southern Conference auto-bid still to be determined

A complicated procedure of ties makes the game between Furman and The Citadel the most important game of the week for the Southern Conference.

Mike Zarrilli

With a three-way tie between Georgia Southern, Wofford or Applachian State for the Southern Conference title, the winner of the conference's automatic bid into the FCS playoffs has yet to be decided, but will likely be decided by the winner of the game between Furman and The Citadel.

With identical records in conference play, identical 1-1 records against each other, and identical overall records (assuming Georgia Southern loses to No. 5 Georgia and Wofford loses to No. 9 South Carolina), the conference has had to dig deep through tiebreakers to determine the winner of the automatic bid.

According to Matt Yogus of the Statesboro Herald, depending upon the result of the game between Furman and The Citadel, the tiebreakers could line up so that defensive points allowed decide the winner of the bid:

If wins and losses don't decide who gets the auto bid, it reverts to the team in the first-place tie with the fewest defensive points allowed in SoCon play. And the Eagles have the edge there.

But that would only happen if The Citadel is able to beat Furman. So assuming that Georgia Southern and Wofford both lose on Saturday, Appalachian State would earn the bid if Furman wins, while GSU would earn the bid if The Citadel wins.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.