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Georgia State Football: Bill Curry Interviewed After Spring Practice Week One

We caught up with Georgia State football coach Bill Curry to get his thoughts on the QB situation, RB standouts, and new addition D'Mario Gunn.

Coach Bill Curry on the Georgia State Practice Fields on Thursday, March 24.  (Photo by Saakib Zafrani
The Signal/
Coach Bill Curry on the Georgia State Practice Fields on Thursday, March 24. (Photo by Saakib Zafrani The Signal/

Friend of SB Nation Atlanta Saakib Zafrani caught up with Georgia State football coach Bill Curry after week one of the Panthers spring practice.

Q. There's been talk of you bringing on walk-on players, perhaps as role models. 

A. Well we've got some walk-on guys that are role models. We call for tryouts from the student body, and every time we do that, we find some marvelous football players that are also good human beings, therefore role models, so that is happening.


Q. How is the strength and conditioning process coming along, how are the players progressing from last year?

A. I think we can do better at strength and conditioning. We need to have a more organized system, which is not to say we don't have that, I just think that's an area we can improve. And we've added three periods at the end of practice for the specifics of speed and conditioning, the specific techniques and such. In just four days I've seen the team's foot speed improve just because of paying attention to how we run.


Q. How about the quarterback situation, I know Kelton Hill and Bo Schlecter are working real hard, but is anyone standing out at this point? 

A. Both of them. They've both stood out over long stretches. I have to say I'm ... pleased, and a little bit surprised that they're picking it up as fast as they are. I think they see that this is their opportunity and they're gonna fight it out and we'll have them ready to play when it's time.


Q. The running back situation last year, you rotated a lot of running backs. Is anyone standing out in that area? 

A. Well, the same people stand out. We took one of our standout running backs and moved him to middle linebacker, Sam Burkhalter, who's a terrific running back, but he's gonna be an even better MLB, I believe, just because of his toughness and his strength and the fact that he can run so fast.


Travis Evans, No. 21, always stands out in any drill and in any practice, because he is the consummate full-speed football player, he knows how to do that.


Rosevelt Watson, No. 3, is another excellent player, and we've got several others that are in the running, that are also – we've just got a lot of good backs.


Q. What is the impact that the suspended players' absence is having on practice?


A. I think the impact is such that the guys understand that everybody's got to go to class, everybody's got to follow all of the rules. Everybody, that's who the rules apply to, everybody. I believe that's the impact.


Q. I saw Danny Williams and Fred Barnes earlier, is that something that you're requiring for them to come out here and do their conditioning? 

A. Yep, they have to come every day, and so is Drew Little. Drew is sick today, so he couldn't be here, but yeah, that's what they have to do.


Q. On the performance of D'Mario Gunn, how would you say he's coming along into the program?

A. Phew ... terrific, he is very special. We're very fortunate to have him, he's going to be a really good player.


Thanks to coach Curry and to Saakib.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.