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Talking Georgia State Football Recruiting With Bill Curry

Georgia State football recruiting has been on a tear lately. From July 1 to August 1, the Panthers have collected ten verbal commitments for the 2012 recruiting cycle. We had a chance to catch up with coach Bill Curry after practice on what he and his staff have done in recruiting and what it is like on a recruiting visit to Georgia State.

SB Nation Atlanta: Is it surprising how the response has been to this point on the recruiting trail this summer?

Bill Curry: Early response is usually to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame, not to FCS schools that are brand new. We've had guys who came here fully intending to commit to an FBS school.

SB Nation Atlanta: You mentioned in your press conference on Tuesday that you've been impressed with the level of acceptance from recruits to this point. How does the staff go about recruiting players?

Curry: I'm very pleased with our coaching staff. George Pugh and Josh Moore are the organizers, but every single one of them works very hard. The evaluation process means that everyone on our staff sees every player. If all of us don't approve, we don't offer. So that means the ones that we offer can play. They're not just guys who are easy to get.

SB Nation Atlanta: What do recruits see when they get here for a visit?

Curry: They see the enthusiasm of our staff. They meet our players. They go to the weight room, where [new strength and conditioning coach] Ben Pollard has really won over our team.  They go from there to the new science building, which is really impressive, then to the student recreation center, which is gorgeous, and then to the student center, which is gorgeous. And then we bring them over here. They go through this facility, and by the time they come out on this field, they say, "Wow, I didn't know this existed. This is where I want to play."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.