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Georgia State vs. New Hampshire: Panther wide receivers battling injury

Georgia State head coach George Pugh criticized the way that his wide receiving group has played this year, and he mentioned it all comes back to coaching better.

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The wide receiving group of the Georgia St. Panthers have struggled this year, and part of it has to do with players getting injured. The starting trio of Albert Wilson, Danny Williams and Jordan Giles have each missed time with some sort of injury.

Williams has just nine receptions due to an ankle injury while Giles has played in just three games with a shoulder injury, and will miss this Saturday's game against New Hampshire. Wilson has been the healthiest of the group and has 24 catches for 386 yards.

Head coach George Pugh gave out an honest assessment of his receiving group:

"They are playing good but not good enough to win. Anytime you don't come home with a victory the performance isn't good enough. I've got to do a better job of coaching and they've got to do a better job of playing.

"If we can get that combination going, then we can come out like we expect to come out. Right now we aren't doing the little things that a good football team or good receiving corps has to do to win.

"Anytime the ball is in the air it belongs to us ..."

Getting that trio healthy is a start, but since they are going to miss Giles for one more game, they will need other receivers to step up and play well.

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