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New FBS Conference Needs Football Schools? Hey, Georgia's Got Some Of Those

As has been sort of expected for quite a while now, the Mountain West and Conference-USA are merging to make a new conference, and looking to add something like eight to 12 schools in the process. Since they're not in cahoots with the WAC or Sun Belt, it's hard to figure where they'll find a whole new conference worth of teams without calling up from FCS. Speaking of calling teams up from FCS, have we got a pair of recommendations!

As we've been saying for pretty much years now, the state of Georgia has entirely too much talent for just two FBS schools to keep much of it in-state. Georgia Southern boasts the best program in FCS history, and Georgia State's resources could be too much for local FCS schools to compete against if the Panthers were to remain FCS for more than a decade or so.

Many Eagles fans seem to like it right where they are, but with longtime rival Appalachian State soon making the jump, GSU 1 might decide to join in. Most Georgia State fans have made no secret of hustling for the next level, a la the many Florida outfits who've done so, and to keep on hustling along to the AFC South. As a Kennesaw State alum, this would all be fine with me, as many FCS state championships would surely await.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.