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Georgia State Football Preseason 2012: Player Interviews at Media Day

Here are the individual player interviews from Georgia State's Media Day today. Spoke with Ben McLane, Donald Ruseell, Mark Hogan, Demarius Matthews, Emmanuel Obueghi, Grant King, and Jordan Giles. Enjoy!

Senior RB Donald Russell

On his physical condition: "Last year I came to camp a Little overweight and right now I am the perfect shape and injury free right now."

On the depth at running back: "Any of the running backs behind is capable of starting, so it just fuels me to continue to get better."

Talking about ways he is going to help the team win: “I want to play as many things as I can, not just running back. I want to play special teams too. Stats aren’t really my thing. As long as we get the win. I want to help my team win in as many ways as possible"

On what he wants this season: "I want the ball in my hands any way I can. I have really been working on becoming a more complete running back and improving my catching out of the backfield and my blocking."

Senior TE Emmanuel Obeughi

On being the only returning tight end: "Certainly I feel pressure being the only returning tight end, but for anyone to be successful they need to have some pressure."

Obeughi's personal goals for the season: "I want to be the best all around tight end Georgia State has ever had. I have really been working on my blocking and pass catching to really become a complete player."

Junior LB Mark Hogan

Hogan speaks about replacing NFL Giant Jake Muasau- "Jake had a great play making ability, and is something that will be incredibly hard to replace."

On the new defense: "We have really embraced the 4-2-5 defense. The linebackers really have to fly to the ball. Me and Robert are both playing new positions but we really like it."

His personal goal for the season- "My personal goal is just to produce and help my team win. That is the only personal goal I am concerned about."

RS Freshman QB Ben McLane

On being named the starter out of Spring- "I was proud to be named the starting quarterback, but it was just the spring. And I know I have a long way to go before August 30th and there is no guarantee I will be the starter. I couldn’t get complacement. I have to reaffirm my performance from the spring and if I don’t then I won’t be the starter."

McLane talking about the spread and no huddle: “The spread offense and especially the no huddle is still a little new to me and has some challenges. But I just have to keep working hard so that when Coach Bond dials something up I will be ready.”

How he plans to limit turnovers- "Kelton is a great player and can make some incredible plays with his legs and his arm. I can’t make those plays with my legs. So that puts more pressure on me to take care of the ball, make the throws, and keep from committing turnovers."

Speaking about the talent at the skill positions: "It’s really comforting to know I have the guys I have with me. To have Danny Williams, Albert Wilson, Donald Russell, and Travis Evans… When you see Albert Wilson running down the sideline, who is one of the fastest guys I have ever seen in my life, you know he is going to make a play for you."

McLane about how he has worked on his connection with the WRs: "We have worked this summer to build chemistry with my receivers. You look at a guy like Peyton Manning who throws 1,000 balls to his receivers every day, that’s what he have to be like. We have to have that kind of dedication."

McLane's personal goals for the season- "The only goal I have in mind right now is beating South Carolina State.”

Junior RT Grant King

King speaks on being the only returning starter: "I have taken on a big leadership role on the offensive line. But we have a lot of guys that have been with us that will step in and I think we will be a better offensive line."

King identifies guys who are ready to step in and produce: “Ulrick John and Harrison Clottey have been in the system and are more than ready to be great players along on the offensive line."

On the Center position and what each guy vying for the starting job brings."Tim Wynn is very athletic and has very good hands. Michael Davis is incredibly knowledgeable and knows all of the calls. We also have a true freshman (Mark Ruskell) that is really quick and has good size."

King talks about how this line is much more athletic than previous years and how that helps: "Our athleticism is going to allow us to play a lot harder than before and to increase our pace. I really don’t think most teams will be able to keep up with our offense. Now that we have had a full year with Coach Pollard we are in the best shape we have ever been."

Junior CB Demarius Matthews

On the talent level in the secondary: "We have a ton of talent in the secondary. We could really dominate this year."

On the new defensive scheme: "We love to play man. Everybody in the secondary loves to play man coverage and adding the extra DB is going to allow us to utilize our speed and make plays.”

On leading the team in breakups but getting no Interceptions: "I have been working really hard with the jug machine, catching balls all the time. I can’t let anymore interceptions go, I have got to get some this year."

Matthews speaks about the depth in the secondary- "It takes off a lot of pressure to know how deep we are. We are going to do a lot of different things in the secondary this year, so to know that you have somebody behind you that can step up and make a play if you need to go out really helps."

Junior WR Jordan Giles

On how he has improved this offseason: "When people think about being a great receiver they think about making catches and running routes, and that’s a big part, but I have been focused on my blocking. My technique has gotten really good and is just something I try to get better on every day."

Giles speaks about the difficulty of having three QB's last year: "Yeah, it affected us. But that’s life as a receiver. We just have to do everything we can to make a play. We have really been working hard this offseason to improve our connection with the quarterbacks."

Giles identifies guys outside the big 3 that could contribute this season at WR: "Nate Minor is a guy that ever since he got to school he has been productive and is a great receiver. We look a lot for Lynquez Blair who is an up and comer. Darren McCray is one of our fastest guys and we certainly will look for him to contribute this fall."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.