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Georgia State Football Preseason 2012: Questions Remain Regarding Transfers' Eligibility- Updated

Doug Roberson of the AJC is reporting that GSU has yet to hear from the NCAA on the status of three players that transferred from FBS programs this offseason. Defensive Linemen Nermin Delic (Kentucky)and Theo Agnew (UMASS) as well as Quarterback Ronnie Bell have not yet been cleared by the NCAA to play for the Panthers this season.

The speculation is that since Georgia State has already announced their intentions to join the Sun Belt Conference and are in year one of their transition to FBS, that they may no longer be able to accept FBS transfers without them having the typical one season waiting period. If that is the case then it would be a major blow for the Panther's as Ronnie Bell is a darkhorse candidate to be the starting Quarterback and Agnew and Delic are already projected to start along the defensive line.

Delic and Agnew have been dominant during the first week of practice and could be impact players for GSU this season if allowed to play.

Jared Kalmus of The Coker Chronicles spoke with SB Nation earlier today and shed some light on similar issues that UT-San Antonio have had. Here is what he told us.

"Since we did not officially join the WAC until July, we assumed FBS transfers would be able to play immediately up until the date that UTSA actually joined the conference. Unfortunately, we received a transfer from Baylor in June but he is being forced to sit out a year. I assume that once you accept an invitation from an FBS conference then you immediately become an FBS school as far as transfers rules are concerned."

UTSA's situation is mildly different as they are in year two of their transition to FBS.


We also got the chance to speak with Brian Wright of Thunder Jags and he had some further insight. Here is what he told us regarding the transfer of former Alabama safety B.J. Scott to South Alabama and the rules regarding transfers to FBS transitional schools:

"B.J. transferred and enrolled into classes for the spring of 2011. Any FBS transfer could come in and be able to play immediately as long as they transfer and enroll before the school's paperwork for their transition from FCS to FBS is filed with the NCAA.

I remember that was what was being said by officials with more knowledge of the rules than I had."

Under that scenario presented by Wright, it would appear that Delic and Bell would be eligible since they had already begun classes at GSU when the paperwork was filed, but Agnew would not since he has yet to begin classes.

SB Nation will continue to follow and update this story as it progresses.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.