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Georgia State Basketball: Eventful offseason has Panthers ready for upcoming season

The Georgia State Panthers have had an interesting offseason, travelling to South Africa and training with a former Navy SEAL. How will that get them ready for the season?

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

The Georgia St. Panthers begin preseason practice on Friday night. Though the team will not be eligible for the CAA championship this season because of their impending departure from the conference, the Panthers hope that they can buld upon last year's 22-win season.

Doug Roberson of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said that the team not only went on a trip to South Africa, but they also underwent training sessions with former Navy SEAL, John McGuire and hired a sports psychologist. The trip to South Africa taught the team a part of a prayer that has become a mantra in training:

"Zero, Zero, One," is part of a prayer that children say daily. If there's not food for breakfast or lunch, can their please be something for dinner?

"All of our kids are going to eat," Hunter said. "One of things the players will say is ‘0-0-1,' a reminder that it can be a lot of worse."

The Panthers will be led by guard Devonta White, the lone returning starter on the team this season. Key reserves from last year's team that include Rashaad Richardson and James Vincent. Rounding out the starting five could be Virginia Tech Hokies transfer Manny Atkins and R.J. Hunter, the son of Panthers coach Ron Hunter.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.