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Georgia State Vs. James Madison: Joe Hamilton breaks down Panthers running back by committee

Georgia State running backs coach Joe Hamilton talks about the three running backs that will try to replace the production of starter Donald Russell.

Kevin C. Cox

In the midst of Georgia State's 49-24 loss to Villanova Saturday, Panthers starting running back Donald Russell sprained the MCL in his left knee and has been ruled out for the remainder of the season.

Georgia State will try to replace Russell's production with three players who have combined for less than 200 yards this season. Georgia State running backs coach Joe Hamilton spoke with Doug Roberson of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about what each player bring to the table,

Travis Evans is a 5'11", 195 lb junior who is more of a downhill runner and brings a lot of energy and leadership to the team.

Hamilton appreciates Evans' passion and love for the game,

"Travis brings a lot of energy, obviously experience. One thing I like about Travis is he's all into the game. He's a football player, a football junkie. He loves to play football. He gives you a lot of work ethic. He knows the offense, he's been in the offense all four years."

Parris Lee is a 5'9", 190 lb junior who is the exact opposite of Evans. Lee is a quicker back who would prefer to stay outside and work in open space. Hamilton says the following for Lee,

"Parris Lee is a scatback guy who needs to be in space. Being in between the tackles isn't his strong suit. Getting him outside where he can make people miss is his strong suit."

The third running back is fifth year senior Rosevelt Watson, a 5'9", 205 lb back who according to Hamilton is the "glue guy of the group." While Watson isn't the best athlete, Hamilton knows what exactly Watson brings to the table,

Russell is obviously a leader but he led with his play on the field and his work ethic. Rosevelt is a positive leader, a a vocal leader, consistent player. You want him to be more fast, you want him to be more elusive, but he will consistently give you the design of the play going through his reads. He's a positive influence. He cares about the team."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.