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Georgia Tech fully committed to the ACC

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets aren't going anywhere, at least according to ACC commissioner John Swofford.

Scott Cunningham

Don't expect the annual conference shuffling to include the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, says ACC commissioner John Swofford. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes the commissioner as saying he doesn't expect any schools to leave the ACC:

"I do not envision [schools leaving] at all. In fact, just the opposite, based on the conversations among our Council of Presidents over the last 10 days."

Swofford was questioned specifically about Georgia Tech's future. "The nature of our conversations has been emphatic in terms of their commitment to the ACC and Georgia Tech's future," said the commissioner.

There have been rumors circulating that suggested Georgia Tech might make a break from the ACC for the Big Ten. Tech's history includes a stint in the SEC from the founding of the conference until 1964, when they became independent. They remained that way until 1975, when they joined the Metro Conference, before moving to the ACC in 1978. Of the five teams who were not members of the ACC at its founding, Georgia Tech's 34 years in the conference give the school the longest tenure.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.