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Georgia Tech Football Recruiting: Jumichael Ramos high on Yellow Jackets' wish list

Georgia Tech is trying to land local wide receiver prospect Jumichael Ramos.


Georgia Tech offered a scholarship to wide receiver prospect Jumichael Ramos of Lovejoy High School, as the Yellow Jackets round off their 2013 recruiting class. Lovejoy head coach Al Hughes said Georgia Tech wasn't exactly sure if Ramos had a burst of speed at first, but the Jackets were high on his height and weight and the way he'd been playing in recent games.

Ramos has attended just one Georgia Tech game this year (Middle Tennessee State), but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the high school senior plans to go to the next home game to meet with coach Paul Johnson.

Ramos told the AJC see that he's honored to have an ACC team consider him and that Tech is high on his board with their coaching staff and academics as well. He'd been a basketball player, but decided to focus on football coming out of high school. Cincinnati, South Florida and Middle Tennessee State have also offered Ramos scholarships.

Hughes had this to say about his wide receiver:

"He has been putting up some big numbers, and beating several people deep. I guess they saw that burst, along with his ability to block. Being a good kid, he's probably what Georgia Tech needs at wide receiver."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.