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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Vs. Clemson Tigers: Records And Resumes Comparison

Clemson Tigers: Clemson played the Auburn Tigers to the bone in the season's bloodiest overtime game and lost by five in North Carolina as their rally fell short. They got their first quality win last week, pounding previously one-loss Maryland 31-7.

Their only major ding is a nine-point home loss to the Miami Hurricanes, who may or may not be very good or terrible.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Tech has beaten three unimpressive teams in a row (Middle Tennessee State, Virginia, and Wake Forest) and beat the Tar Heels in Carolina. One point for beating a decent team, and one for beating a three-pack of FBS weaklings.

A 45-28 home loss to Russell Wilson's N.C. State Wolfpack didn't seem like that huge of a deal at the time, as the 'Pack were undefeated and Wilson looked like he might be the best player in the conference. Since then, State has lost twice, including in overtime to ECU. Ouch.

But the black mark that will keep the Jackets out of the polls for weeks to come is their baffling 28-25 loss to the Kansas Jayhawks, who've since made quite an argument to be the worst BCS conference team.

Edge: Clemson. They didn't lose to Kansas, did they?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.