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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Vs. Clemson Tigers Score: 17-0 As Andre Ellington Strikes Again

Yep, Andre Ellington is as C.J. Spiller as C.J. Spiller himself. Today, at least. Ellington peeled off a 42-yard scamper for a score, complementing his previous 55-yard dash. Georgia Tech’s defense is as doughy and [running out of synonyms for soft] as ever, and Clemson’s gameplan is right out there for everyone to see.

Tech linebackers, who often play themselves out of position after the snap, are lining up exactly where Clemson wants them.

The Jackets’ offense has 43 yards, about a third of Ellington’s total. Clemson has tripled Tech’s time of possession. Tech has four penalties already and has yet to convert a third down.

Joshua Nesbitt’s not going to break Woody Dantzler’s ACC quarterback rushing record today — in fact, so far Dantzler’s record has only gotten safer. Nesbitt’s sitting at -9 today. The B-back dive is about all Tech’s offense has going for it, with Anthony Allen gaining yardage four or five times now.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.