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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Vs. Clemson Tigers Score: 24-13, Joshua Nesbitt To Anthony Allen

Georgia Tech has finally crossed the goal line, as time expired in the third quarter. On fourth down, Joshua Nesbitt threw to Anthony Allen, who slid (yes, slid) in for a score. The touchdown was challenged, but stood.

Allen is up to 127 total yards, leading Tech in both rushing and receiving yards. This is his third straight big game after a sluggish start. His season seems to be emulating Jonathan Dwyer’s 2009 in some ways, as Dwyer struggled during the season’s first half as well.

Nesbitt has now completed six passes, and the Jackets have rushed for 233 yards. Nesbitt has only added nine on the ground, with Clemson’s defense focusing on taking away the keeper.

Tech has converted three of four fourth downs, but only six of 15 third downs. The only truly damning stat in the whole box score: Clemson’s average yard per rush is 8.8, while Tech’s is 5.4. Tech’s run defense is so helpless Clemson might not be able to run out the clock. Think about that.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.