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UPSET ALERT! ACC Football Score: No. 22 Miami Hurricanes Trail Virginia Cavaliers 14-0 At Half

With QB Jacory Harris locker roomed, the Miami Hurricanes are having a tough time in Charlottesville. The Virginia Cavaliers lead 14-0 at halftime after converting two interceptions, including one by backup QB Spencer Whipple, and a springing defender nabbed an additional whipped Whipple flip to kill the flub-riddled second inning as an official signaled.

A Miami loss to Virginia would be the most ACC thing that could happen in any ACC game today. The Canes have both outrushed and outpassed the Cavs, though that passing thing isn’t going to last unless Whipple stiffens his upper lip, tips his cap, and gets to ripping pigskin into the fingers of the proper people.

After so many Whipple miscues, it’s simple: Spencer Whipple lacks Harris' swag and tends to waffle a little when battling odds stacked against him. Many of struggling Whipple’s ugly, hovering missiles have hit turf or gone inches from being gripped by the fists of Cavs.

Here’s hoping Jacory Harris returns so our next update is actually legible.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.