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Virginia Vs. Georgia Tech: Cavaliers Need To Shuffle Depth Chart To Prep For Tech?

Virginia football, like Georgia Tech football, does not have a blogosphere of impressive size, so a blog roundup should be a very brief exercise for us. Today, let's check in with From Old Virginia.

From Old Virginia highlights a few roster worries heading into the Cavs' game against Tech:

There are some depth chart changes that I'd either really like to see or wouldn't be surprised to. Like I said earlier, [DT John-Kevin Dolce] should revert to his pass-rush role; he's getting blown up against the run. GT will exploit that mercilessly. And the O-line is hopefully still an evaluation in progress. I'd also like to replace the blank spots on the depth chart behind the two-deep at defensive back with actual scholarship players, but we can't have everything.


FOV is also all worked up about an AJC whoopsie:

The lead guy at CavsCorner, Chris Wallace, mentioned that some numbnuts at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked this question of Mike London: "What changes have you made since taking over as head coach?" (I would have told him the only thing I did was paint the equipment shed, just to see what he prints.) This must be the guy:
Both Virginia and Groh have moved on. London, the first African-American coach in the history of Virginia athletics, has brought excitement to a program needing a boost.
Mr. Huff? Dave Leitao for you on line 1. It's no wonder the newspaper industry is slowly disappearing and practically every major newspaper in the country is, like the AJC, a hyphenated combination of two papers that would have failed on their own. I realize he's only one coach off, but this is a basic, fundamental statement of a plain fact that is plain wrong, and this man is somehow paid actual legal tender to do less research for his job than I do for my hobby, which is this blog that mucks around with an audience that is occasionally measured as low as the mere dozens. As opposed to the (theoretically) millions that get their information from his paper.

Mike London is the first black football coach at Virginia, but not the first black coach at Virginia.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.