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Virginia Vs. Georgia Tech: Tech's Recent Homecoming Record, And UVA Fans Angry At Al Groh

From The Rumble Seat grills From Old Virginia in the prepositioniest college football blog discussion ever:

FTRS: Al Groh is at Georgia Tech now and he probably has a silent vendetta against the Wahoos for firing him and the Hokies for getting him fired. Are you, the UVA fan base, concerned about his knowledge of the weaknesses and nuances of the Wahoo personnel? What will UVA’s Groh-less-defense look like on Saturday?

FoV: Well, a lot of UVA fans are furious at Groh for going to a division rival. So if they also tell you they’re not worried about what he knows about us and how to scheme for us, they’re lying. No doubt Groh knows exactly how to attack Verica and this offense – it’s not too different from what he used to do.

But London ditched Groh’s 3-4 and switched to a 4-3. So the difference in scheme there will be night and day. It’ll also be a lot smaller and quicker, which worries me against GT: I always felt like Groh’s 3-4 with beefy, NFL-sized (though slower) players was the best counter to GT’s triple option.

FTRS: Since Bill Lewis was fired in 1994, Georgia Tech has gone 13-2 in their last 15 homecomings. The only losses were to Clemson in 1995 and UVA in 2008. Marc Verica played lights out in that 2008 game against Tech. Is the light on for Verica in 2010?

FoV: It’s….flickering. Pretty much like it always does. You guys were unlucky enough to get Verica minus most of the mistakes, which ends up being a pretty good quarterback. He was very definitely bad against FSU and wasn’t too great against USC. Your defense is somewhere between FSU and VMI/Richmond, and will, I think, actually be the first really fair test of Verica’s skills this season. We all knew, or should have, that the first four games were going to either provide no challenge or overmatch him.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.