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Virginia-Georgia Tech Halftime Update: Tech Outgains UVA By 200 Yards, But Only Leads By Six

How is that even possible? Three turnovers, if you count a failed fourth-down try as a turnover. You probably should.

Anthony Allen leads, with 85 yards. Considering what we saw with Jonathan Dwyer last year, perhaps it just takes the wreckbone’s B-backs a few games to get rolling.

Take away the one touchdown run, and Al Groh’s squashing his former employer. Tech’s pass rush is actually looking somewhat serious, with Marc Verica taking a pair of shots late in the half. Verica has barely had any chances to throw more than ten or fifteen yards down the field.

The home crowd is much, much louder and fuller than it’s been all year — from what I’m seeing on TV at least (reports from attendees leave the fullness part up for debate) — likely due to tolerable October temperatures. Don’t even trip; it gets hot on those metal bleachers. And it’s homecoming. I don’t know. Speculating.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.