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ACC Standings And Championship Game Projection, Week 12: N.C. State Wolfpack Vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

After this post’s SEC counterpart was so simple to write, I really dreaded digging into the ACC standings and putting together some sort of championship game scenario. Last week the Atlantic Division alone had something like 315 different possible scenarios, with three of them giving the Miami Hurricanes the Atlantic even though the Canes play in the Coastal. But I’m ecstatic to report things have cleared up somewhat.

Let’s get the really easy stuff out of the way. The Virginia Tech Hokies are in line to win the Coastal, but if they lose to Miami next week, they’ll need to beat the Virginia Cavaliers the following week. If they lose to both, then Miami goes to Charlotte. Simple as can be.

Now the hard stuff. Let’s put on our algorithm caps and exhale loudly. The Clemson Tigers are officially out of it after losing last night to the Florida St. Seminoles, so we’re at least down to just three: the Noles, Maryland Terrapins, and N.C. State Wolfpack. An FSU win next week over Maryland knocks out the Terps. But if Maryland and N.C. State both win next week, against FSU and the North Carolina Tar Heels, then their Nov. 27 game will function as the Atlantic Division title game. That’s actually not quite so complicated.

There’s only one really confusing scenario, which is great news. Let’s say Maryland beats FSU and then loses who N.C. State, who lost to UNC the week before. All three are thus 5-3 in conference, but the Wolfpack take the tiebreaker, having also beaten FSU earlier in the year.

As plainly as possible: if N.C. State wins its last two games, they take the division. If Maryland wins its last two games, they take the division. FSU needs to beat Maryland and hope UNC beats N.C. State. Whew.

Atlantic Coast Conference Standings

(updated 11.14.2010 at 1:44 AM EST)


Atlantic Division Conf Overall
Florida St. Seminoles 5 2 7 3
N.C. State Wolfpack 4 2 7 3
Maryland Terrapins 4 2 7 3
Clemson Tigers 3 4 5 5
Boston College Eagles 3 4 5 5
Wake Forest Demon Deacons 1 6 2 8


Coastal Division Conf Overall
Virginia Tech Hokies 6 0 8 2
Miami Hurricanes 5 2 7 3
North Carolina Tar Heels 3 3 6 4
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 3 4 5 5
Virginia Cavaliers 1 5 4 6
Duke Blue Devils 1 5 3 7

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.