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Duke Blue Devils Vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Score Update: 13-6 Duke At Halftime

Have we told you about the unstoppable Duke Blue Devils two-minute offense? Taking over the ball near midfield after a failed Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets fourth down conversion, Sean Renfree completed seven passes to drive Duke in range for Will Snyderwine’s second field goal.

I tried to warn you about Duke’s running game in this matchup, and you should’ve listened. The Blue Devils have 96 yards on the ground already, meaning they might blow past the totals established by South Carolina St. and Kansas.

With two games worth of experience already against option run teams, Duke’s D has held the Jackets offense to 136 yards. Anthony Allen has almost all of it, running for 92 up the middle on 15 carries. Tevin Washington has rushed for 37, made a couple smart throwaways, and completed a crossing route pass to Orwin Smith. The cool thing about Tech’s offense is you get to write about individual 11-yard passes. A-backs and wide receivers have combined for -4 yards rushing. I’ll type that again in a minute once I wrap my mind around it.

A 13-year bowl streak now counts on Paul Johnson’s famed halftime adjustments. Tech gets ball first. Warrick Dunn just said the Jackets “need to be smarter in their mistakes,” and it would be hard to come up with a better description for the 2010 Georgia Tech season.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.