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Virginia Stuns Minnesota, Beats The Gophers 87-79

One thing to look for in the challenge is road wins and/or upsets. It is a good way to briefly keep an eye on how a conference is doing. 

When a road team with three losses beats a top 20 team that was previously undefeated, including a win over UNC, you really take notice. 

The Virgina Cavaliers went up to Minnesota and beat the 17th-ranked Gophers 87-79. The Cavs absolutely lit it up from beyond the arc, hitting on 10-of-13 3-pointers. They were led by guard Joe Harris, who had 24 points and five rebounds. Mustapha Farrakhan had 23 points coming off the bench. 

Minnesota had a 39-29 lead at halftime, and led for over 24 straight minutes. Virgina came on strong to finish the second half, scoring 58 points to Minnesota's 40 to get the victory.

Virginia's upset win gives the ACC a huge step forward going into day 2 of the challenge. For more on the two teams, head to Streaking The Lawn and The Daily Gopher.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.