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Georgia Tech Vs. Virginia Tech: Mistakes Are Killing The Jackets

Tonight’s game might be the best the spread triple option has looked all year. The Jackets had a 14-0 lead and had a halftime lead in one of the most hostile road environments in the country.

The lead should be much bigger. Tech has shot itself in the foot.

On a drive early in the game, Georgia Tech lined up to try and convert a fourth and inches deep in its own territory. Offensive lineman Austin Barrick flinched, and forced the Jackets into a punting situation. Those six inches are picked up just about every time, and so that penalty is essentially a turnover.

On a later drive, Tech committed another false start on second down, putting more distance between the ball and a first down.  

In the second quarter, with the ball on the six yard line, Joshua Nesbitt rolled to his left and threw an interception. If he had lofted it over Anthony Allen’s back shoulder, or even had chosen to run it, it is a touchdown. Instead, it is an interception and Nesbitt is knocked out of the game trying to make the tackle.

Finally, kicker Scott Blair kicked the ball out of bounds to start the second half, a mistake that will drive Paul Johnson crazy.

Every Georgia Tech fan is ecstatic to have a lead in Lane Stadium in this game. But the Jackets need to cut down on the mistakes if they want to hold onto the lead and come away with a victory. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.