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Image: Miami's Pathetic Attendance For Homecoming

Apparently Miami fans came dressed as orange seats today. Image via Dr. Saturday:


Ok Miami. We know you aren't "back" yet, that any season where you aren't winning a national championship is a disappointment. We know you had a non-marquee matchup against Maryland, and that your starting quarterback Jacory Harris was out with an injury. 

But come on. That is an embarrassment, both for Miami and the ACC. The rest of the south is freezing cold (40 degrees in Atlanta!) but you had a beautiful day with 66 degree weather. So that can't be used as an excuse. 

Today, your Hurricanes were playing for bowl eligibility, and trying to keep up with Virginia Tech in the standings. You haven't been eliminated yet from a trip to Charlotte. Win out, including a win over Virginia Tech at home, and all you need to happen is for Virginia Tech to lose either Virginia OR at North Carolina. 

So exactly, what is the excuse for that pathetic showing?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.