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Jon Gruden Not Going To Coach Miami, Says Joe Schad: Now What?

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports there’s “zero chance” of Jon Gruden accepting the Miami Hurricanes football coaching job, meaning you can rest easy for a moment, ACC. You’d think ESPN would have a decent handle on the aspirations of an employee, but I think we all remember the great fever that stroked the nation’s forehead when ESPN analyst Bill Curry was in the process of being hired to coach Georgia State. #no

Remaining candidates for the job, according to the crap sticking to the wall from flingings since Saturday night, include Dan Mullen of the Mississippi St. Bulldogs, Randy Esdall of the Connecticut Huskies, and then a bunch of people the U would have to dig down very deep for, like Jim Harbaugh of the Stanford Cardinal. Any 2010 head coaching wish list is going to include Harbaugh, as otherwise it’s merely a list.

No telling, at this point, whether Miami actually offered Gruden the $17 million contract number that’s been flying around. All we know is Gruden will likely call next week’s Jets-Patriots Monday Nighter, eagerly seeking a laughing player on the losing sidelines to devour.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.