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Mike Leach To Maryland Could Set Off A Recruiting Battle In Georgia Tech's Favor

High school football player: would you rather try to block punts or sail the high-scoring seas as a part of the nation's most swashbuckling offense?

Every year since the ACC realigned, the winner of the Techie Convention between Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech has won the Coastal Division title. That's almost always been the Hokies, but still -- the Jackets are the only non-Hokies team to ever win the Coastal. If Frank Beamer is busy fending off recruiting raids by the dread coach Mike Leach, the Gold and White may have a better shot at BCS bowls in the future.

If Leach takes Maryland's head coaching job as rumored, his Air Raid offense should have no exceptional trouble in scoring on ACC teams. Especially once you remember Wake Forest, Duke, and Virginia tend to appear in some combination on any ACC team's schedule.

But the question posed here earlier about his offense: can Leach find players?

Eastern Virginia is one of the nation's best recruiting grounds. Michael Vick and Allen Iverson are the names everybody mentions when talking about the area, but Virginia Tech has been powered for years by the talent reserves up for grabs near the coast. College Park, Maryland is about an hour closer to, say, Newport News, Virginia (where Vick is from) than Blacksburg, Virginia is. It's even closer to Hampton, where Tyrod Taylor is from. I just started a list of all the noteworthy Hokies over the years from the area, but scrapped it. It would be easier to list noteworthy Hokies from elsewhere.

Though Maryland had been doing well in recruiting until the past couple years, those Virginia players haven't been going to Maryland en masse for the past decade. With far fewer resources and far more local competition at Texas Tech, Leach's recruiting classes tended to finish near Maryland's according to Rivals rankings, even topping the Terps once. 

Leach isn't going to take over Frank Beamer's turf, but he's still going to be able to find some athletes in east Virginia who want to score a lot of points instead of doing Beamerball activities like obsessing over punt coverage BOOORING. "We score points" is basically Chip Kelly's entire recruiting pitch, and look at Oregon. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.