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Georgia Tech Bowl Game News: Air Force To Independence, East Carolina To Military

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is still the likely eventual 2010 showcase for Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football, against either the Boise St. Broncos or Nevada Wolf Pack, both uniquely terrifying. But two potential bowl destinations have locked up possible opponents, with the Independence taking the Air Force Falcons and the Military grabbing the East Carolina Pirates, just so it can keep an eye on them. #they’repirates

The Independence is a very, very long shot, but the Military has eighth pick of ACC teams and thus isn’t entirely out of the question. The bowl is based in Washington, DC, making it closer to the Boston College Eagles fanbase than any other ACC bowl is and slightly closer to Boston than to Atlanta. It’s almost exactly in the middle of Boston and Carolina, for whatever that’s worth.

The Military might also be nervous about pairing ECU and Tech after the Pirates gave up 76 points to the Navy Midshipmen, who run an offense very similar to the Jackets’. Playing against ECU would be good for Tech, but the selection of ECU could be a bad sign for Tech’s chances of getting into the bowl in the first place. Yes, I’m freaking out about not making the Military Bowl. Bless my heart.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.