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Independence Bowl Preview: Checking In With From The Rumble Seat

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From The Rumble Seat, SB Nation's Georgia Tech blog, has done a great job previewing next week's bowl game and I wanted to point y'all in their direction for some more information on the game.

Q&A With Mountain West Connection - An interview with Jeremy Mauss, a great writer who takes on the tall task of covering just about all of the Mountain West teams for SB Nation. The topics covered include the recent MWC exodus, BCS fairness, and the revenge-over-Paul-Johnson factor for Air Force. 

Air Force and Tech Series History, 19771978, and 1979 - Georgia Tech won all three match-ups under Coach Pepper Rodgers. In 1977, Tech won 30-3 while rushing for 374 yards on the ground. In 1978, the Yellow Jackets went to Colorado Springs and beat the Falcons 42-21,  who were in their first year under Coach Bill Parcells. The defensive coordinator? Some guy named Al Groh. In 1979, Parcells resigned before the season. Al Groh was still in as assistant. He did hire a new defensive backfield coach, another name you might recognize: Chan Gailey. Tech was led on offensive by the father of a current player, but head over to find out who.

The Game Of Field Position - Quote from the first paragraph: "The first thing I noticed was that they remind me a lot of the 2009 Yellow Jackets." Uh oh. 

Rank The Toughest Bowl Match-ups - How would you rank the strength of our bowl opponents over the last decade?

Some Key Stats - FTRS compares the two teams in some major stats. And from the look of things, this is going to be a very close, hard-fought game.

Falcon Defense Has Triple Option Experience - How has the Air Force defense faired against Navy in the last three years? 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.